Speakers Bio & Abstract

Dr. Jayant Sharma Director, Spatial and Graph Product Management

Biography Dr. Jayant Sharma is Director, Spatial & Graph Product Management at Oracle's New England Development Center. He has over twenty years' experience in databases and spatial information systems. He was responsible for building the spatial product team when he joined Oracle Corporation in 1996. He is currently focused on the product strategy, and design, of spatial & graph components for Oracle's database and analytic cloud and big data solutions. He works closely with Oracle business partners and key customers. He also represents Oracle at the Open Geospatial Consortium's Planning & Technical Committee meetings and its working groups.
Dr. Sharma has a Ph.D. in Spatial Information Engineering from the University of Maine at Orono. While at Orono he was a research assistant at the National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis working with Prof. Max J. Egenhofer on spatial reasoning in GIS. He was awarded a joint NSF/ESF Young Scholar's Fellowship for this research.
Dr. Sharma has delivered numerous invited talks, tutorials, and research papers at various academic and industry conferences. Abstract Uncovering and Understanding Complex Relationships: Spatial & Graph Technology Trends Spatial and Graph analysis is about understanding relationships. As applications and infrastructure evolve, as new technologies and platforms emerge, we find new ways to incorporate and exploit social and location information into business and analytic workflows, creating a new class of applications. The emergence of Internet of Things, Cloud services, mobile tracking, social media, and real time systems creates a new landscape for analytic applications and operational systems. It changes the very nature of what we expect from devices and systems. New platforms and capabilities combine to become business as usual.
This session will discuss advances, trends, and directions in the technology, infrastructure, data, and applications affecting the use of spatial and graph analysis in current and emerging analytic and operational systems, and the new offerings Oracle has introduced to address these new developments.