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BiographyN.S. Shankaranarayana (Shankar) is DigitalGlobe Senior Director, Government Programs. Working with Digital India Land Record Projects, E-Governance and Watershed Programs. Shankar has more than 30 years experience in International Satellite Remote Sensing/3-D GIS/ Visual Information Technology solutions business. As Director, IRS Program at Space Imaging/ Lockheed Martin, USA has established more than 20 ground stations from IRS-satellites data distribution network along with IKONOS satellite program. He was working as Vice President, International Programs at The Sanborn Map Company, took lead role in 3-D GIS mapping programs in DSSDI Delhi and Middle East.
Former ISRO Scientist and founder Business Development Manager, Antrix Corporation.
Electronics Instrumentation engineer from Indian Institute of Science / Bangalore University.Abstract Large scale and economic land cadaster creation and update using satellite imageryVery high resolution and accurate satellite imagery is increasingly being used for developing land cadaster. The availability of high quality mosaics at nation level now allows for creating land registry at scale and at speeds, not possible with current techniques. The author will present examples of land registry creation with satellite imagery and discusses how to maintain these databases for decades to come.