Speakers Bio & Abstract

MIKA TORHONEN Lead Land Administration Specialist
World Bank

BiographyDr. Mika-Petteri Törhönen holds the position of Lead Land Administration Specialist at the World Bank’s Global Land and Geospatial Unit. He is a leading land tenure, policy and administration professional with 25 years and continuing work experience from over 20 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, Near East and Central America. Abstract Land Administration Modernization 2016; The World Bank ExperienceThe presentation discusses today’s land administration and management investments and questions whether the investments mirror correctly the era they mean to serve. The World Bank’s investments in land administration provide a global wealth of experience in improving land and cadastral records, promoting automation; introducing digital solutions and electronic services; sharing and exchanging geospatial data; and integrating land and geospatial records to the eGovernment infrastructures of nations. Today, advanced applied services (such as One Map, Mass Valuation Systems, and State Land Management) are being introduced, and private sector and Start Ups increasingly make use of Open Data policies. Still, manual records era processes, 2D products and data sharing restrictions continue to dominate public sector’s land and geospatial approaches and applications globally. It is beyond time to go 3D and mobilize land systems to generate growth and jobs, and facilitate sustainable cities and environmental management.