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Sales Engineering DigitalGlobe

BiographyShailesh has been active in this field of Remote Sensing and GIS for the last 18 years. Shailesh has a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science. He has served various roles in the industry, managing presales, business development and project implementation with prominent companies in the industry. Over the years he has gained a wide experience in various industry domains. Abstract Mapping solar panels using very high resolution and superspectral imagerySatellite derived information can be used to map solar panels across a nation. This paper will discuss an innovative project between DigitalGlobe and PSMA Australia, where satellite imagery and derived information, combined with crowd sourcing technologies is being utilized to create a comprehensive understanding of current production of rooftop solar energy, for Australia. This paper will discuss various elements of Geoscape product and the associated technologies in creating this product at scale.