Speakers Bio & Abstract

Vinay Babu Adimulam Senior Manager-Technical Services
Hexagon Geospatial

Biography18+ years’ of experience in planning, designing, implementing and training with state of art technologies in GIS, Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry at various organisations in Department of Space, Cabinet Secretariats, Defence, DRDO, Paramilitary, Central and State Government, Environmental, Agriculture, Planning and Private Industries in INDIA and other Allied Countries. Abstract Smart M.Apps for Smarter Warfare The ability to support first responders and military personal with actionable insights and real time data has proved to be invaluable. We have seen vast improvements in the management of data ? leading to vastly improved standards and interoperability. Advances in sensor resolution and fusion have had a big impact. The geospatial technology not only is supporting forces in their strategic decisions and operations but also for countering asymmetric threats. Changing conditions on the ground require an up-to-the-minute situational awareness and adjustment. In modern day warfare, the technology is playing a crucial role to exploit the capability and preparedness of a nation to respond to surprise attack or otherwise. Hexagon Geospatial is combining its experience in technology development in building Smarter warfare. Hexagon Smart M.Apps: Dynamic, interactive map applications that quickly and intuitively merge location and statistics, backed by real-time data. Help build safe neighborhoods and borders by understanding the relationship between statistics, demographics, political boundaries, and other factors. This presentation will share how to quickly analyze reported crimes and other incidents using Hexagon Geospatial solutions. Visualize where and when they most often occur, Identify patterns to prioritize and position your resources.