Speakers Bio & Abstract

Lau Wee Lik Regional Manager
KQ Geo Technologies

BiographyLau Wee Lik has been working in GIS Industry for more than 7 years. As part of the KQ GEO Global business team, Wee Lik is responsible for bringing in current & future technology to clients and business partners. A GIS enthusiast, he is committed to helping public and private organizations leverage technology to overcome challenges and make better-informed decisions.Abstract Geo-enabled Land-use Monitoring and ManagementAs the rapid development of the world economy, governors realize that scientific and reasonable land use is the foundation for sustainable development. KQ Land-use Monitoring and Management Solution enables local government to monitor land use in real time by adopting RS&GIS&GPS, Mobile GIS, fast mosaic and other advanced technologies. This solution also provides tools for fast and accurate digitizing, processing, analysis, management and updating of land-use changes and suspected illegal land use, which captured from remote sensing monitoring, mobile patrol, anonymous reports and various other approaches.
Through the real-time land-use monitoring system in this solution, governors can implement land planning schemes with authoritative land-use information, which also provides technical supports for the comprehensive land-use management and scientific decision-making, hence promotes the economy growth of the whole city, and even the whole country.