Speakers Bio & Abstract

Shafik Jiwani Executive Vice President
Project Delivery and Global GIS Business Development
Rolta Middle East

BiographyShafik Jiwani is currently the Executive Vice President of International GIS Business Development for Rolta. He has 30+ years in the GIS Industry, and is a respected GIS strategist at the international level. He is currently based out of the Middle East, where he directs Rolta’s GIS success in this industry with numerous award winning deployments in North America, the Middle East, and Europe.Abstract ‘With Complexity, Comes Simplicity in the Transportation Domain’It never ceases to amaze me how the GeoSpatial technology landscape looks so different today from how it did just 10-15 years ago. With every new advance, comes an added layer of complexity to add to that landscape. Yet for the end users, the benefits are astounding. Their experience is far simpler than it used to be, and they wind up much happier as customers. This is at the heart of building the “Smart City”.
Not convinced? Let’s take a look at wait times for those filing an application at a transportation agency 10 years ago, as compared to filing that same application today at a transportation equipped with “Smart Transportation” solutions. Ten years ago, the customer may have had to stand in numerous queues, at several different departments, and perhaps need to seek “no objection certificates” from other external agencies that might be impacted. In contrast, the customer applying through “Smart Transportation” solutions files a single application online, and never sees a queue. Their application is processed in far less time, and nothing gets “lost in the shuffle”.
This is but one example of how transportation agencies are adding to their GeoSpatial technology landscape, simplifying their customers’ experience, and contributing to the accelerated growth of their communities. Come see how several innovative Transportation Agencies are making this happen, and are contributing to the “Smart City” revolution.