Speakers Bio & Abstract

Dr. Siva Ravada Sr. Director, Spatial and Graph Development

BiographySiva Ravada is the Senior Director of Development for the Oracle Spatial & Graph and Mapping technologies at Oracle. Siva has been with Oracle for over 17 years leading the spatial development activities at Oracle.
Prior to joining Oracle, Siva received his PhD degree from the Univ. Of Minnesota with a thesis on parallel algorithms for spatial databases.
Under his leadership, Spatial technology is incorporated into different Oracle products including the database, middleware and applications.
He is also a well known researcher in the industry with over 50 patents and publications in the area of Spatial Databases.Abstract Big Data and Cloud technologies for defence and national securityWith large amounts of data being generated these days from social media, and IOTs spatial key is a very natural attribute that can tie all the data that relates to a location. This gives the national security agencies a tool to take a comprehensive look at all the data gathered from hot spots to quickly narrow down relevant data to do the analysis and take preventive steps. Geospatial technology can be used to predict future problems, bring visibility to hotspots, and to develop what if scenarios. Similar trends are seen in public safety as well as we see more and location based services used by agencies to tackle public safety issues. For example, a future hotspots can be predicted by mining social media data and past events to predict if a future demonstration can lead to public safety issues.
One of the big technological challenges is to build systems that can quickly analyze the large volumes of data is generated from IOTs and social media. With new focus on machine learning and data mining these technologies can quickly send intelligence to on-ground staff. Similarly, developing cloud based solutions that can easily ingest the data and produce intelligence is another major technological initiative that will help the national security and public safety. These cloud based systems will make the technology easily accessible for these agencies and provide solutions that are created by learning systems that are enhanced by data for different locations.