Location World
Jan 24-25, 2017 Hyderabad, India

The single most important factor that helps drive growth for any business is consumer accessibility that is almost always driven by location

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Tune-in to Location World 2017 on 24-25 January, 2017 to explore, network and partner

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Location World 2017 will tell you how location empowers YOUR business!!

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"Everything happens somewhere…."

EVERY time you use that weather app on your Smartphone, every time a bar-coded product moves across an assembly line or every time you step into your favourite clothier or food chain, location data is created and/or consumed.

While Smartphones, PDAs and wearables bring the web to any location, the context of usage turns into the main point, and the knowledge of the location is essential. Citizens have become the biggest group of consumers as well as producers & enablers of location data. Juniper Research reports that the number of location-aware apps is expected to triple by 2019. With more consumers' fast embracing location into their everyday lives, businesses are fast trying to keep up!! Like business intelligence, location intelligence supports analysis and decision making. But for the past 20 years, these two data-centric disciplines have forged independent but parallel paths. Only now are they beginning to converge.

But location intelligence is more than just a map with dots on it. Location intelligence is a full-fledged analytical system. Increasingly, this location data is being pored over, structured, analyzed and inferred for consumer behaviour, providing context and business insights before a decision is made. The insights that location can provide, both in real-time and long-term, have proven essential to businesses across retail, food services, healthcare, transportation, banking, insurance and entertainment to name a few.

Business intelligence (BI) has also come a long way in recent years, with new platforms offering dashboards and detailed analytics allowing companies to visualise and draw insights. By applying location to BI, companies are able to see exactly where their sales are strongest, which region may be most receptive to particular marketing strategy, where customer service needs to be improved and how their supply chain can be optimised. Location is able to super-charge BI, creating a new ways to visualise, analyse and track partnerships, sales, customers and prospects.

Location World 2017 will tell you how location empowers YOUR business!!

Representatives of companies from all around the globe will share different use cases and ideas on how location intelligence works. So tune-in to Location World 2017 on 24-25 January, 2017 to explore, network and partner with technology providers, location-solution companies, location data providers, top brands using location and start-ups - and drive your business charts up!!


Day 1 Jan 24, 2017
0930-1030 Room A
Session 1

Global view of Location Technology and its ecosystem

Location Intelligence combines geographical dimensions with existing data from business intelligence applications, and allows the ability to visualize various metrics on a map. Through the consideration of spatial conditions, additional and intuitive view is created, which makes it possible to recognize spatial patterns, trends and potentials. Location intelligence empowers organizations to discover new insights and potential competitive advantage. Savvy organizations are incorporating information about location and geography in their enterprise data warehouses, enabling them to use geospatial data to support business intelligence.

So what does the world think about Location technology? What really constitutes its ecosystem?

This session will highlight the global view of Location Technology and its entire ecosystem through perspectives presented by location technology providers as well as the users.
1030-1130 Room A
Session 2

Location Analytics, Driving Business Intelligence

Like business intelligence, location intelligence supports analysis and decision making. But for the past 20 years, these two data-centric disciplines have forged independent but parallel paths. Only now are they beginning to converge and the term location intelligence is a growing part of today's business intelligence and analytics lexicon, but what kinds of BI applications does location technology make possible? But can business use location intelligence software to help increase sales or decrease costs, ultimately boosting its bottom line? Does location technology & analytics create an optimized entrepreneurial decision-making base in Business Intelligence?

This session will throw light on how Location Technology and analytics is capable in driving Business Intelligence and what are the potential benefits of this.

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Networking Lunch

1330-1530 Room A
Session 3

World of Advertising & Marketing

Location-based advertising (LBA) is a new form of advertising that integrates mobile advertising with location-based services. The technology is used to pinpoint consumers' location and provide location-specific advertisements on their mobile devices. Location-based advertising hinges around the fact that wherever we go these days we always carry a mobile with us. And most of us quite happily share our location data with the various apps we use. This presents an opportunity for advertisers to personalise their messages to people based on their current location, in real time. Using a person's location data, gleaned from their mobile device, advertisers can send different messages to people depending on where they are.

This session will illustrate how location technology is enabling the world of advertising & marketing and its trends, through various used case scenarios.

Networking Tea & Coffee Break

1600-1730 Room A
Session 4

Insurance & Banking: Risk Management & Business Decisions

"Location" is a crucial parameter that influences the entire insurance value chain. Location intelligence tools can help insurance carriers in a number of different ways. Location can play a critical role in risk management, claims management and also fraud detection. All these need to answer the question WHERE something is or WHERE something happened or could happen is incredibly important for Insurance risks, Market risks, Credit risks and Operational risks.

Similarly, more banking organizations are discovering that Location Intelligence acts as a building block to improve business performance through advanced analysis. It is similar to BI as a toolset for operational analysis and performance measurement. It provides data management capabilities to ensure quality and advanced analysis unique to a spatial context. In the banking sector it can act as a cornerstone that enables businesses to analyze data, make decisions and clearly communicate those decisions to a wider audience.

This session will primary deliberate on the challenges of the Insurance and Banking sectors and how Location can play a crucial role in risk management as well as improved business decisions.
1800-1930 Hall Area
Award Night

Reception & Awards Night

Day 2 Jan 25, 2017
0930-1130 Room A
Session 1

Geo-Social Networking

Geo-social networking is a type of social networking in which geographic services and capabilities such as geo-coding and geo-tagging are used to enable additional social dynamics. User-submitted location data or geo-location techniques can allow social networks to connect and coordinate users with local people or events that match their interests. For mobile social networks, texted location information or mobile phone tracking can enable location-based services to enrich social networking.

The most recent trend in this is the number of Location Based Social Apps and Game Sites.

This session will act as a platform to showcase such innovative apps and sites and also bring forth how Geo-social networking is taking on the world.

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Networking Lunch

1330-1530 Room A
Session 2

Location Accelerator: Start-Up Bootcamp

"Get access to the most pertinent connections!"

Location is a fundamental factor in business. A number of recent studies have revealed that an average of 75 to 80 per cent of a business enterprise is identifiable via location. Such identifiers might include sales territories, addresses, delivery routes, store locations, customer's addresses, location of installed products, competitive store's locations and even the most fuel-efficient route between the warehouse and delivery. In terms of business performance management, location awareness is a key, and location analytics are crucial in terms of gaining a clearer insight of target consumers. This is predominantly relevant in case start-ups!

Location data can act as key enabler to providing these startups with real-time insight on their intended target. Armed with such data insights, businesses can continue to build on their current business intelligence. A more profound understanding of consumers will aide companies in making their store-wide merchandise selections while improving their competitive appeal with marketing solutions aimed at defined audiences.

While the relevance and need is definitely understood by these start-ups, what is missing is the direction.

Location Accelerator, a two hour bootcamp, will provide startups with an intense, structured, mentorship and access to a global network of Location Technology cream of the crop! Leading through examples, experts from location technology providers and user organisations shall demystify the road ahead for a accelerated success through "Location Intelligence".


Networking Break

1600-1730 Room A
Session 3

Customer Engagement and Business Intelligence

Understanding the customer is critical for any organization, and location intelligence can play a big role by enriching customer data with demographic or lifestyle data based on where people live or by adding spatial data metrics -- drive times to stores, for example -- for use in sales forecasting models. Location data can also aid in customer profiling, segmentation and prospecting efforts, and in trade area and competitive analysis applications. Location intelligence tools have long provided the means to map assets and customer locations and help plan maintenance and service activities. This can be particularly beneficial in Retails, Real Estate, Logistics & Telematics, to name a few.

This session shall focus primarily on showcasing best practices of location derived insights for customer engagement in various sectors.



Founder and President
Location Based Marketing Association (LBMA), Canada

Dipanshu Sharma

Founder & CEO
xAd, USA


Geospatial Technologist
Google, UK


Chief Executive Officer
Deimos Imaging, Spain


Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer
Near, Singapore


MadHouse India, India


Data & location Intelligence Specialist
Dentsu Aegis Network, France


Founder & CEO
BlueFlock Technologies, India


DreamOrbit Softech (Logistics & Supply Chain Technology Solutions),India


IndustryArcs, India


Head - GIS & Maps @ Zippr, India


Founder & CEO Medinifi Bangalore, India

Dr. Jayant Sharma

Director, Spatial and Graph Product Management, Oracle, USA

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