Interactive Workshop on Internet of Things

Geospatial, Sensor Web & Internet of Things (IoT): Turning Data into Information

With the advent of sensor web, it is finally possible to integrate data from various sensors such as space-based, airborne, mobile, terrestrial and location sensors into geospatial data stream. But how much of these data are actually meaningful to businesses is a question to be answered. Although businesses have been talking about Internet of Things (IoT) for the past couple of years, the amount of data produced by billions of devices is somewhat unimaginable. This huge influx of data could be seen as a burden rather than opportunity, especially for businesses with less analytics capacity.

The workshop shall bring together all stakeholders of geospatial IoT, from data and service providers to business users, exploring the best practices and strategies when it comes to making sense of this new influx of data. These experts shall share their views on how businesses should be prepared when it comes to solving problems and generate new revenue streams through IoT.

Workshop Format

  • The workshop will be discussion-oriented (without presentations). This will ensure optimum value of the time by discussing only on relevant questions.
  • The workshop will start with the discussion on a draft document, which is shared in advance with the participants
  • The workshop will target subjects like connected sensors, digital infrastructure, automation, standards, big data analytics and other related aspects.

Target Panelists

  • IoT experts
  • Geospatial Sensor data/service providers
  • Business users, i.e. facility/asset managers, healthcare, logistics, retails, etc
  • Data analysts
  • Digital infrastructure providers

1 Sensor Web – A network of sensors connected through the world wide web
2 Gartner predicted that at least 25 billion devices to be connected by 2020